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Bitcoin Loop Tagger

The world’s first drive-by-stencil technology to spread the word about Bitcoin where it matters most.

The world’s first looping stencil apparatus

Upgrade any ordinary spraycan with an advanced stenciling system that goes in circles infinitely.

It makes tagging 10x easier and faster…

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Do you love Bitcoin and want to support it?

Be the change you want to see in Bitcoin: With the Bitcoin Loop Tagger, you can make a real difference. Grab a powerful tool and move onwards to Hyperbitcoinization.

How It Works

The Bitcoin Loop Tagger is easy plug-and-play. It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes and once attached on a spraycan you start rolling and spraying and create stencil tags easy and fast.

The Bitcoin Loop Tagger let’s you paint beautiful stencil bands with the only message that matters! Graffiti banderoles are the perfect promotional technique to display the mantra for a transitional period, the path to hyperbitcoinization – The Bitcoin Infinity Loop Tagger is the gadget of magic. Buy Bitcoin ✿

Beautiful graffiti banderole over piece of average aesthetic street-art

Be the first and order the Bitcoin Infinity Tagger

Never before has a 3D printed product been so bold and clever. Take this opportunity and be one of the very first users – it’s the newest tech around.

Infinite fun

  • It goes in circles, so you don’t have to
  • Infinite tagging of “Buy Bitcoin ✿”
  • Additional designs can be upgraded
  • Any color of your choice for the paint

Why this is for you

  • Move your city on the Bitcoin standard, wall by wall
  • Expressing your opinion in public just became 10 times easier.
  • Join the experiment on top of the ‘experiment’

Amazing features

  • Worldwide shipping
  • DIY set to keep costs for shipping low
  • Open-source drive-by stenciling technology
  • Compatible with most spray cans

German engineering,
3D printing & permissionless innovation

We follow a German engineering tradition, utilizing 3D printing and rapid-prototyping methods and a great sense for detail and perfection to make the product the best of the best.

Of course we also have a great time at work because we love what we do – good German beers are always cold and ready to be poured at our afterwork BBQ!

Fun Fact:

When the Bitcoin Loop Tagger goes vertical, the Bitcoin price goes up.

Make your own walls more meaningful

Feedback from our fans

This is an AWESOME idea! Love it.

"This is an AWESOME idea! Love it." Ravinder Deol

This is an AWESOME idea! Love it.

Ravinder Deol – Creator B21Block.com

So cool!! I want one already

Crypto Coffee

Bitcoin is not reaching people on the streets. The Bitcoin Loop Tagger can fix that.

As you know, markets are influenced by the media, which is influencing peoples opinion and thus the flow of information determines the Bitcoin price.

“If enough people think the same way that becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy”

Satoshi Nakamoto 2009

But it’s ordinary people which are the ones most disadvantaged under fiat inflation. And even more problematic is that bluecollar workers have less information about Bitcoin as they are influenced mostly by mass media.

The Bitcoin Loop Tagger makes Bitcoin visible for EVERYONE

Streetart is the right format to speak directly to the audience for which Bitcoin will be most beneficial. Satoshi once wrote “If enough people think the same way that becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy” hinting to the idea that if more and more people hold Bitcoin the price goes up. Satoshi suggested to simply “get some in case it catches on” not at all overselling it.

And if you read Saotshis emails you know that he was addressing everyone, not just investors, rich people or programmers. Bitcoin is a riseup movement to break through the current financial monopoly. It is bottom up, grassroots and not top down planning. It is the idea to provide an inclusive financial system to the whole world, helping the poorest and under-privileged. Especially people in countries like Venezuela can use Bitcoin to improve their life situation.

And for those people, to “get some in case it catches on” can mean the starting point into a bright future and the end of oppression. It is proven to be an advice of a lifetime for many early Bitcoin investors.

Accumulating small pieces of Bitcoin – Saving out of poverty

Mark E. Jeftovic, founder of Guerilla Capitalism points out that even the smallest bit of Bitcoin can grow to significant value.

Every bit of Bitcoin you earn now has that inexorable deflationary wind at its back that will hold and gain value in fiat money terms over time. Given global debasement of worldwide fiat currencies, perhaps spectacularly so.
As an example, during the blow off top in December 2017 I remember logging into a wallet I had setup for a tipjar on an old blog that had received a single tip, something like $2 or $5 (maybe even less), and was astounded to realize it had become worth $1500 or so. Think of that every time you accept a $5 or $20 or $150 payment from your business in Bitcoin, and if you’re doing that, as we were for years between 2013 and 2017, several times a day, you start to get that snowball effect.

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic, founder of Guerilla Capitalism points out that even the smallest bit of Bitcoin can grow to significant value.

Express your opinion, provide information, join the movement.

Imagine a lot of people in an area would learn about Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Infinity Tagger delivers “street sentiment support”, helping ordinary people stay informed with the right message. There is no simpler answer to government debt, market distortion and zombie banks than to BUY BITCOIN. 

With the Bitcoin Infinity Tagger now everyone can become an active part of a beautiful revolution.

You aren’t able to contribute to the Bitcoin code and are not good at starting a business? Don’t worry, probably your procrastination can be attributed to a wrong allocation of your skills. You’re maybe more of a creative person and now you can become an important part of the Bitcoin idea. 

You’re not a whale sitting on millions? Now you can manipulate the market and drive the price up with nothing more than a $39 Bitcoin Infinity Tagger.

Buy the Bitcoin Infinity Tagger now, it will make you very very happy.

You are a firm believer in private property and don’t want to harm other people’s property? Don’t worry, there are many official places and private locations that allow graffitis. You could also ask if you can paint your friends garage and open a crypto art gallery.

Make your city more beautiful and more successful with sound money


Is it environmental friendly?
Yes. Thanks to our ressource friendly production with 3D printers as well as our engineering skills we are able to produce the looptagger very resource efficient and therefore reduce environmental harm to a minimum.
Do I need to buy something else or is it plug and play?
You need to buy a spraycan (we recommend chalk spray) and some tape in order to be able to start using the Loop Tagger.
Where do you ship and what is the fee? 
We ship worldwide in the last corner if there is reliable delivery. The shipping fee is a flat rate of $6,50.
Can I return my tagger?
No. We do not accept returns. If you don’t like it, give it to a friend or sell it p2p.
I have another question
Please contact us via email.