Humanity loves tagging for 12.000 years

It looks dope, it outlasts your own life, it creates a legacy of your being. Tagging is as old as humanity. Old rock carvings are seen as some of the earliest signs of human civilization. That means the same time human civilization was invented, tagging was invented.

Tagging (not yet with the loop tagger) thereforre is an existential part of human culture and expression. In fact, evolutionary biologists believe this form of cultural expression was used even before language was invented. It may also have been used to attract women. Art requires two things, time and creativity. Both are qualifiers for good genes because one needs to have material wealth and a bit of intellingence or equally a higher social rank to be able to afford the tagging hobby. Artists are attractive and sexy not just because of their wild, mystical lifestyle and character but because of the darwinistif fundamentals of reproduction. Women seek security when chosing a partner to make little babies. Therefore material wealth and status is important to guarantee the safety of the offspring. Creativity and intelligence are core factors next to the material wealth to allow for artistic activities. Art is “expensive” as it needs hours of free time. Time that is a privilege not the default and needs to be worked for and saved for.

Tagging increases your sex-appeal. Tag on humanity.