Become a product tester and test the Loop Tagger exclusively

We are thrilled to announce:

Product test program selects 20 testers to hands on first Loop Taggers

Our entire team has been working very hard in the past couple of weeks to make this happen. And now it’s our biggest excitement to get in touch with you, the crowd the world, the people that want to make an impact. Nothing is more humbling and beautiful than receiving feedback of our customers and early supporters.

Due to the very positive feedback from the very very very first receivers of Loop Taggers we’ve decided to professionalize our test program and offer it to a more broad circle. This means that you can write history with us. You will not just be an early bird or early adopter, you will be part of the very core of this revolution – as we like to say “Don’t surf, make the wave”.

Want to be one of the exclusive few, to join our product test program?

Here is how it works. First please send us a message and tell us why you would like to be a part. If we think you are a good fit to test our baby, we’ll send you a special link. Note that this is limited to 20 people and we it’s based on a first come, first serve principle. Once selected you’ll be eligible to order a Tagger free of charge and you only need to cover the cost for the material and the shipping. Sorry we’re bootstrapping a startup here, not backed by any VC 😉

Next we’ll ship you the product and both of us will not be able to sleep well for a couple of days until it finally arrives. On top we will provide you with a little feedback survey and some minor tasks to fullfil. But it will all be fun and play, be assured.

Then you can test the Tagger in it’s natural environment (your home garage) and examine it’s quality and built. Once you’ve come to a conclusion whether it’s total garbage or totally perfect you can write us your feedback.

That’s about it. You can now tag on and make your walls more beautiful.

–> Apply to join the product test