Partnerships and collaborations open

We want you!

Our mission is to make the world more beautiful and build technology that empowers and enables people to express themselves.

If you can identify yourself with this mission we would like to invite you to talk. From the first idea to the first orders it just took us one week because we work in a very agile way and innovate without permission.

Therefore we want to open up our ecosytem and invite you to join us. In which form and art such collaboration can be realized depends on if we can create win-win situation. Currently we seek to collaborate and work with internship takers from around the world, graffiti and street artists, e-commerce businesses, 3D-printshops, Bitcoin supporters, online-marketing-specialists and anyone that would love to work on such an exciting project as the Loop Tagger.

If you feel you want to get to know us better, don’t waste a another second of your precious lifetime and contact us!

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