Tag on, tag legal.

The Loop Tagger is activist gear designed to make an impact. No altough a graffiti artwork can significantly increase the value of a property, many people see street art as an urban pest and detest the vandalism that sometimes goes into it.

With the Loop Tagger we only have good intentions and it would make us very sad if it would cause frustration for people. We are focussing on uplifting products and technology that enables people to become more free, more creative and more efficient in what they do. It would break our heart to see the opposite happen.

But let’s get things clear from the start. Technology in it’s core is neither good or bad. Altough some people argue that some technology such as pistols do not have any positive value, others see enormous added value when it’s used properly for example for self-defense.

Or take for instance nuclear power. It can both light up a city and enable live but used with bad intentions, it can also delete a city in an hour in the form of a nuclear bomb.

The same thinking must go into the ethics of streetart. It cannot be per se bad or good, ethically right or wrong, one must look at the individual usecase and individual action.

Just because some people commit crimes with knifes cannot lead to a generalization that knifes are evil and must be banned. It is the individual action that uses the technology or tool that must be judged.

With the Loop Tagger we intend to provide a tool that makes it easy to decorate walls with beautiful graffiti stencils. It is extremly simple to use the Loop Tagger to create graffiti art and home decor with spray cans. We do not encourage to destroy or harm private property and clearly distance ourselves from illicit usage, vandalism and illegal tagging.

Illegal graffiti is prosecuted in most urban areas and most countries in the world and that is for a reason. Altering privat property without consent of the owner is an aggression and criminal act. Besides the scientific research that speaks words about the effects on culture and crime rates in areas with lots of illegal graffiti, it is a simple logic conclusion. Respect others property like you want others to respect your property.

The Loop Tagger is a tool for you home and should never be used for illegal tagging. In the same way that legal and authorized street art enriches neighborhoods, the Loop Tagger makes broing walls more beautiful – all under fully legal circumstances.

But what about a scenario where the Loop Tagger is used to spread a message of upmost importance for example to inform the population in case of an emergency?

Yet again, it comes back to the individual decision and the circumstances.
Generally speaking as long as there is law and order maintained you do not want to harm anyones property. But if you can save lives by spreading information in your neighborhood there is a good reason to neglect the law.
Similarly to the resistance in Nazi-Germany or the brave men and women who saved jews from the concentration camp, it is sometimes necessary to break the public legal system for humanitarian reasons. We hope this scenario never occurs but if it does occure the Loop Tagger may enable positive action.

Regardeless of the ethical debate, street art in general is part of urban culture may you like it or not. Some see the worst degeneracy in it, others pay millions for pieces and tousands of artists make a living spraying graffitis.

There are no limitations to create unique stencil art and tag on surfaces that are approved and authorized for such usage. Legal graffiti art has a place in sub-culture and is artistic expression that should be valued and accepted.

Tag on.