Working on a stencil creator

The Loop Tagger is a revolution by itself. It is the fastest infinity stenceling technology on the market making home decor and chalk spray tags fast, easy and fun.

But it can be even better. What if you could design your very own stencil with a few clicks and commands? In the past creating a stencil cost a lot of time as it requires handwork to cut the letters or shapes that should be sprayed through later on. Traditionally a stencil has been created by first sketching the design, then drawing it on the stencil material and in a final step cutting it by following the lines of the drawing. Hereby one could make a mistake and cut the wrong part which, if not possbile to patch or fix, would end in a loss of the stencil as well as the material and hours of handwork that went into it.

All this is oldfashioned work. Today we can use computers and machines to produce stencils much faster and accurate. We can see the model on the screen and test it before it goes into production. Then a lasercutter or plotter does the job of cutting in a quant of the time it would take to cut it by hand. It is also more accurate and allows to produce very precise stencil artworks.

Now surely you may ask, “But then I need to learn how to use a CAD program and lasercut machine” yes right. However there is a shortcut. And that is what we are currently developing. We want to make the userinterface as easy and simple as possible to allow non-technical people to upload their designs in order to customize stencils.
In general, any makerlab or architecture office or other facility that has a lasercutter or plotter can produce customized stenciles. So if you find such service in your neighborhood you can simply visit the shop and see if you can get a deal there.

If this is not an option we got the solution. Customize your own stencil for your own stencil artwork and home decor ideas. With the LoopTagger you can spray paint alsmost any design or street art stencil on a wall or surface.

We are currently working on an integration of such customization workflow that lets you upload your own design and then the ready made stencil, with the right sizing to be attached to the Loop Tagger gets shipped right to your doorstep. This will be the ultimate stencil creator!

We will announce once we launch this service and until then you can already get your own designs on request. Simply choose customized stencil and get in touch with us. We will aim to fullfill any wish within the laws of physics.