1% Inspiration 99% Transpiration – A tale of Winklevoss and Heilemann brothers + 3D printing and Instagram

The hustle is real.

You probably know the Winklevoss twins, the super business brothers. Not just world champions in olympic rowing but also unstoppable with their success in business, startups and ventures. Investing in Facebook and coinbase alike, they became real silicon valey superheroes.

But did you know Germany has their own Winklevoss twin pair? We call them Heilemann brothers. Ok they haven’t been successful with an olympic sports, altough the older brother made it to some fame as a pro surfer. But they’ve been equally business minded when they exited their online voucher business to google for $114 million and bought it back for a fraction of the price a few years later. Pretty smart huh?

Well back to tagging and 3D printing, the reason for this post is not to share smiling business brothers – those a just clickbait for the ladies.
Neither is the reason for this post anything related to art or philosophy, which we all love here at Loop Tagger Inc.

This post is dealing with the hard part of hard things, or how this book is called. In a TV show in Germany, one of the Heilemann brothers once referred to the moto “1% inspiration, 99% transpiration” when asked about where success comes from.

And it is true. We believe that only excellent execution can bring an idea from the spiritual world into the material world. When we use 3D printing, we can imagine one thing and shortly ater see how it would look and work as a physical object.

It’s exactly this fast loop of trial and error and iteration that makes 3D printing so enormously powerful for the prototyping stage of a product. We developed the LoopTagger literally over the weekend in it’s first version and then updated and improved it in the following week.

Most of the visible progresm comes to focus and execution, the daily grind of getting shit done but in order to come up with good or better really great solutions another component is needed. Leisure and community. Only through the feedback of excited co-workers that where following the early days and through conversations and creative thinking ould our lead engineer come up with the master plan. A splif might have helped a little for the extra creativity.

You see, engineering is mostly rational and requires extreme focus. But to get to the smart ideas, what we like to call genius (or simply german engineering) it needs a little but powerful dose of inspiration and free, creative thinking.The 3rd version of the Loop Tagger prototype is an order of magnitude of an improvement compared to it’s predecessors.Instead of lose clip-on mounts that needed two 3D parts and extra sticks, now it’s one single part. It’s by far more solid as it get’s attached to the ferrule on the can and fixed tight with cable ties.

We are proud of our skilled engineer, humbled by the beauty of materialzing raw ideas into real things and very grateful for the priviledge to be on this exciting journey together.

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