Customized Loop Tagger



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The Loop Tagger lets you paint beautiful banderoles very, very rapidly. We will customize your stencil based on your submitted design. Please take note that your design needs to be feasible to be cut and may need some changes.
It’s designed in Germany using the highest quality 3D printing technology and best materials for long lasting fun.


Infinite fun

  • It goes in circles, so you don’t have to
  • Infinite tagging of your own stencil
  • Additional designs can be upgraded
  • Any color of your choice for the paint

Why this is for you

  • Decorate your garage, house or wall
  • Expressing your opinion in public just became 10 times easier.
  • Play around with your own designs

Amazing features

  • Worldwide shipping
  • DIY set to keep costs for shipping low
  • Open-source drive-by stenciling technology
  • Compatible with most spray cans




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